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May 2023


Drawing animation about nyc subway, homeless people like stones inside of the carriage. Everything else is moving. Talking about immobilities, movements and architectures. We are influenced by the concrete architectures, never ending structures, endless body.

April 2023


In the midst of a rainy NYC morning,
My calligraphy became one with the pouring.
Lines and curves mingled with drops in flight,
A union of ink and water, a surreal sight.

supported by my mentor: 墨墨悟文 榮爽吉

12042023 – 24042023

Collage Series 12 works


Morning butoh improvisation, reviewing the movement”chasing fireflies” on my balcony

MARCH 2023


when I was assembling the hardwares on the paper in the morning, the project playground from Isamu Noguchi came to my mind. I wanted to explore the way the depth of shadow can reveal architectural space in two dimensions.


I am sketching for my performance/ animation idea. I am thinking of using puppetry as an inspiration for a dance performance.

materials: water color and pastel on paper.

14-15/03/2023 My dreams are heavy

I made an animation out of my drawing, while thinking about in a metropolitan city, there is an invisible mouth, eat up all the pains and joys.

watching it at:

16/03/2023 Break

17/03/2023 going back to abstract, ink

Turangalila symphony, sound dancing on my skin


working on another expert of my animation, this time uses the drawings which inspired by trees in Poland’s crooked forest.

This short animation is connected with the cloud puppet animation I made earlier this month.

I will add some more dancing and collage element to it, aiming for a longer piece.



experimenting with cyanotype

body movements, face, expressions


drawing at night. ink/string/xuan paper/tape/light/dream